The Sea Always on the Horizon

The moment comes where time stops and you question: what is life?

You look back and count the times you have had to start over, each time you have been reborn, like a flower in spring, with new hopes and dreams, you feel strong, you are going to take on the world, nothing is easy, but It is you, with your hopes and emotions.

Sometimes the lack of confidence is what leads you to seem distant, you want to move forward, but something prevents you, you need to break that barrier of fear, to move your project forward.

Have you ever felt like you are the piece that doesn't fit?

"I loved designing, plans, art history"

The reality was that I was holding myself back.

Now with maturity, I know that I needed a shot of confidence, I needed someone to grab me by the hair and put me in front of a mirror and sing to me: look at yourself, you have all the potential, your image exudes strength, pride, no. you stop

As a photographer I have come to the conclusion that everyone, people of any age, needs to look good, THERAPEUTIC PHOTOGRAPHY is something very powerful, it can make your mind take a 180 degree turn. Photos that exalt your strengths, that bring out what you have inside, that show you reality through your eyes. The poses, along with the looks in a good photograph, enhance your potential, bring out all your uncertainties and make you begin to see yourself with that strength that you have hidden, it brings out your emotions, makes you feel the sensations and your self-esteem rises to the stars .

For this you have me, I have the experience of finding your hidden light and making it shine again, with PHOTOGRAPHS that BREAK SCHEMES and let your personality come out like a pure diamond.

I'll give you some examples: we can take some portraits in your favorite environment, where you feel comfortable, I will direct you at all times so that you feel comfortable, to highlight your strengths, with guided poses, looks and makeup (or if you prefer natural), everything looked at to get photos that show the world what you are worth. On the other hand, if we move it to the more professional field, some photos that give you that authority to launch your project, be it life, company or business, so that your clients associate you with it, thanks to your powerful image, you are you. you speak, you are the milestone of your destiny.


Afterwards, it's just a matter of attitude, look ahead and your path will feel more yours, no one will be able to stop you.

I don't want to tell you that everything will be easier and your future will be solved, but you will gain that authority and confidence that we often leave behind.

If you want me to help you enhance your personality with my photos and thus entrust me with the project of your future,


The Sea of ​​El Hierro


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